Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thing 16: Screencasting with Screentoaster

We're so close. The penultimate "Thing!" We're almost there, so keep going and let's cross the finish line together!

This "Thing" will involve recording audio, so unless you're working at home and your computer has a microphone, you will need to find yourself a headset with a microphone. You can request one from Deb F., who has them in the IT dept. office.

Thing 16: Screencasting with ScreenToaster

Have you ever tried to explain how to use a computer program, web tool, or software application to someone? It can be pretty frustrating, especially if you are not actually teaching them in person. Have you ever used an online tutorial when you were learning a new application or taking an online class? Screencasting is the perfect tool for these scenarios. Screencasting is a way to create short videos where you can record what's happening on your screen while you're narrating via microphone or webcam.

Here is a screencast I created using the application ScreenToaster (this "Thing" was originally supposed to be screencasting with Jing, but Jing requires a software download, something I've been trying to avoid). In this screencast I'm demonstrating a Web 2.0 tool called Glogster, which I'm using here for the first time, so please forgive my incompetence! :)

17 Things Screencast of Glogster

Here is a screencast created by an art teacher called "Describing and Analyzing Art". She even has webcam commentary, which I think is pretty cool:

Describing and Analyzing Art

To complete Thing 16:
  • Watch both ScreenToaster screencasts
  • Sign up for a ScreenToaster account
  • Create a screencast of something
  • Upload the screencast to your ScreenToaster account
  • Embed or provide the link to your screencast in your Thing 16 blog post (I had a problem getting the embedded video to show up in my blog post, which is why I just went with the link)
  • Add your screencast to the RB Ning in the "Videos" section

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